8th firearm of 2014 discovered at Chattanooga Airport in carry-on luggage

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) A 65-year-old man carrying this loaded .32 handgun in his carry-on bag at the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport caused TSA to react on Sunday evening.

It’s a problem TSA officials say has grown since last year.

"If you look at the same time frame from last year to this year we’re seeing about a 25 percent increase," said TSA spokesman Mark Howell.

In all of 2013, TSA found more than eighteen hundred firearms in carry-on bags across the nation. In 2014, they have already found more than fifteen hundred, and we have not hit the major travel season yet.

"We’re really trying to get the word out on folks to take a look at those bags before they come to the airport," said Howell.

It’s something gun owning passengers admit to TSA they aren’t doing.

"The majority of passengers let us know that they didn’t know that the firearm was in the bag or that they forgot that it was in the bag," Howell added.

But some gun owners say that’s unacceptable.

"He’s an idiot, he should have known better," said gun owner Joe Green.

The Hoosiers added, "I don’t think you can forget you have a loaded gun in your backpack. No way."

"They should have been aware that was in their baggage if they were carrying it in their baggage," said Walker Vamprine.

Being aware is what T-S-A officials are stressing and even gun owners like Vamprine says it’s doable.

"Every responsible firearm owner should be able to do that," said Vamprine.
TSA officials said every time they find a firearm in a bag at a checkpoint it delays the screening process for all travelers at the checkpoint, and fines range from fifteen hundred to eleven thousand dollars

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