911 call played in Glen Donaldson’s trial

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — On the second day of Glen Donaldson’s trial, the jury heard the 911 call he made the night of the shooting.

Donaldson is accused of shooting and killing his son-in-law Adam Levi, at an Ooltewah home in December of 2016.

“I had an altercation at his house and I shot him. I am just sitting here waiting for the law to come,” Donaldson said in the 911 call.

The dispatcher asked him about Levi’s condition.

“Is your son-in-law still alive?”

“I doubt it,” he said

Donaldson says he shot Levi in self defense.

“He was washing dishes, talking and knife in hand he turned around and said I will cut you. I pulled my gun out of my pocket, because I was scared of my life, and I shot him.”

While there was a knife in the dish rack, investigators say they didn’t think it was relevant to this case.

“I was asked if there was a knife on the ground near Mr. Levi or close to him. I told Detective Whaley that there was a knife in the drying rack,” said Detective James Gienapp, with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

Detective Ric Whaley explained why Donaldson was charged with first degree murder.

“When you take the position of the knife and the statement he made to the 911 caller and then you put the location of the gunshot and the type of gunshot to the head, which is basically the central nervous system gunshot, it is like turning a light switch off. Mr. Levi, would have been straight back, wherever he was which was straight back from the sink. So he was facing the sink when he was shot,” Detective Whaley said.

Officers who met up with Donaldson at his truck, right after he called 911, say he was cooperative.

On Thursday morning, the state will present their last witness, who is the medical examiner.

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