A local principal is possibly being forced to resign

Chickamauga, GA (WDEF) – Thursday afternoon more than 200 concerned parents stood in the old Osborn Elementary school building for the Walker County School Board meeting.

This came after word spread about Lori Vann, long time principal of Cherokee Ridge Elementary School and a beloved community leader, who was being forced to leave her job after more than three decades.

"They wanna make her resign, but they don’t wanna give us any answers," said concerned parent of three Daryc Deanecelli, "When we ask the questions they just wanna close everything down and that’s a conflict of interest."

Deanecelli, along with everyone else, stood in silence for more than an hour and a half before the meeting wrapped up, but tensions really grew high when the board members left without answering any questions.

"I had a feeling that the meeting was gonna go this way," said concerned citizen, Jim Steed, "They could’ve at least acknowledged all the people were here, and had something to say."

"For her to be abruptly removed, whether it’s voluntary or involuntary, I think that we as a community, we as children of this school, we deserve answers for that," said Cassie Sparks, parent of two.

The board continued their executive session in the credit union across the street. Parents and locals in the community were not allowed to attend that meeting.

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