A New Season of Golden Apple Teacher Features Begins

     They mold and shape the future. Golden Apple teachers represent the best of the best in the Tennessee Valley.
     Food City District Manager Daryl Massey says "we understand that education is the foundation block of our community and with this program, you have good teachers and then you have really good teachers."

     Teaching became a second career for our most recent Golden Apple Teacher of the Year. Jill Blackmon was a mail carrier for years, but wasn’t fulfilled. She needed to do something she was passionate about, and ended up at East Lake Elementary. "I teach because it means something to me. And I want to make a difference in the lives of these children. And that’s why I’m in the inner city too. I want to make a difference," says Blackmon.

     Over at Ringgold High School, Golden Apple Teacher of the Year Mark Pierce regularly asks his class to "wow" him. He wants his students to work hard for him… and motivates them to work doubly hard for themselves. "There is a struggle, there is a challenge at times, but respect the student, show kindness and the student is pretty much going to get on board with what you’re doing," says Pierce.

     Snow Hill elementary loves Golden Apple Teacher of the Year Diane Hitchcock. She finds creative ways, like skits with puppets, to boost her student’s reading and writing skills. "I don’t want to be a teacher if I have to do set lessons. I want to be a teacher who says what common core standards do I need to cover and let me find a way to make them interesting and meaningful to my students," says Hitchcock

     Why do teachers like Hitchcock, Pierce, and Blackmon go the extra mile? Because they want to make a difference. Does that sound like someone you know? Nominate your child’s teacher for our Golden Apple award by clicking here. Then watch every Tuesday at 6:00pm to see if they make the grade.

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