Abandoned East Ridge Cat Survives Cold Temperatures

EAST RIDGE, TN (WDEF) – Drew Smith, an associate veterinarian at the East Ridge Animal Hospital, says, "
They saw a carrier there, so they knew instantly that something was wrong."

Workers hurried to bring the carrier inside from the freezing temperatures.

However, it was frozen to the ground.

Bobbi Amiotte, a vet tech, says, "The blankets were wet, the food was spilled. There’s no telling how long he was out there."

Knowing humans can die from exposure to the cold, employees were concerned about the young cat.

Amiotte adds, "We got him out, dried him up, put him in one of our own kennels, and got him some food."

Luckily, the cat, now known as Kristoff, quickly received a fairly clean bill of heath.

He only had fleas, tapeworms, and ear mites.

Amiotte says, "He probably started spraying in the house and they just booted him out the door."

We’re learning this winter what the elements can do to.

Tuesday, a 64 year-old-man was found dead near the Chattanooga Community Kitchen.

Police say he likely died from exposure to the cold.

Amiotte says, "It’s a sad thing."

Veterinarians suggest surrendering all animals to a shelter.

Also, check on your elderly family members, especially when single digits grip the region.

The East Ridge Animal Hospital says they do have surveillance cameras outside, but not in the area where the cat was dropped off.

If you would like to adopt Kristoff, just call the East Ridge Animal Hospital at 423-622-2209.

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