ACE Challenges UAW

The American Council of Employees is offering sharp criticism of the U-A-W’s legal battle against V-W Chattanooga.

Documents reveal the UAW is lobbying the government to limit deliberations related to the union’s election last year.

ACE has objections.

In late December an election was held to determine whether 160 skilled Volkswagen maintenance employees could form their own bargaining unit.

They won the election.

“Now the National Labor Relations Board has been asked to evaluate whether that was an appropriate unit as opposed to having a larger everyone within the bargaining unit at Volkswagen in that unit”, said Attorney for ACE Maury Nicely.

The American Council of Employees complains that the UAW’s is asking for NLRB to limit their deliberations.

“UAW Local 42 has basically told the board that they’re not moving quickly enough and that they need to quite deliberating and make a decision proving them to move forward. ACE is a group that represents ALL of Volkswagen employees and represents Chattanooga and Chattanooga team members and what we’re doing is continuing to work productively with management to try and address issues”, said Nicely.

Nicely said VW is hurt by the way the UAW is handling this situation.

“They were very hurt…they’ve been very cooperative to the UAW and the minute the UAW felt that they were not doing enough to help, you know the UAW they pounced on them. And now we see the UAW turning on the board.”

Nicely said UAW attacked VW after the emissions scandal.

“They’re not interested in what’s best for Chattanooga or Volkswagen or for the Volkswagen employees who live in this area. They’re interested in the UAW. This is a problem which they serve to help create, help exacerbate, and now they’re that the problem is why they need to be in their more deeply. It’s very two faced.”

Nicely said ACE wants a fair ruling from the NLRB for all involved.

“The board determines the decisions depending on which way they rule…we’re going to see what the next steps are.”

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