Acres of downed trees could become fire hazard

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Down the road from Holly Hills, one family can’t find a way to clear his acres of downed trees.

The Randles own land near 3720 Brock Road. Because of the steep terrain, the Randles haven’t been able cut up the trees or haul them away. One logging company offered to do the job for a $40,000-fee and possession of the wood.

Insurance won’t cover land damage, so the Randles are stuck without answers, fearing a forest fire might light up in their backyard.

“We own five acres, but there are plenty other acres that are around ours. So it’s not just ours,” Kenny Randle said. “It’s the spark that could occur on another piece of property. You’re talking about numerous homes that could go up.”

If you can help or have information that could help the Randles, you can email Denny at

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