Adderrall Shortage in the United States

Shortage of Adderall has been going on for go it feel like 6 months now at least.

People who are diagnosed with ADHD are dealing with a short supply of Adderall.

The medication has been getting harder to find since October of 2022.

Dr. Phil Smith, Pharmacist at Access Family Pharmacy,  says people who are diagnosed with ADHD are turning to other medications.

“People are getting other drugs to substitute for that which is on backorder” ” Dr. Smith said, “had created those drugs also, on back order like Ritalin and those types of drugs as well.”

According to the U-S Department of Health and Human services, approximately 16 million Americans take A-D-H-D medication each year.

CDC data from 2016 to 2019 shows, 6.1 million American children between the ages of 3 to 17 were diagnosed with ADHD

It’s more common in boys .

Dr. Smith says not having the prescription drug Adderall can affect a student’s ability to learn.

“Typical it’s going to effect their school and potentially” Dr. Smith said, “if they are using it for behavior so that bleeds into other things at school problems with the classrooms, the teachers things like that.”

Across racial groups, ADHD Diagnoses are more prevalent in African American children at 12 percent

With The high demand for ADHD medication, Dr Phil Smith encourages parents to hang on, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

“Naturally we are at the end of the school year which is a good thing too” Dr. Smith said, “so hopefully everybody got through the testing and everything with some kind of alternative so..but, I say just hang in there it looks like it’s gonna start alleviating a little bit. ”


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