Adoption day parade held in Lexington neighborhood

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The coronavirus has put a lot of celebrations on hold, but one Lexington family still managed to celebrate their long-awaited adoption.

Chris and Jared Bryant waited two and a half years to hear that Isabella is officially apart of their family. However, they didn’t think it would be virtually.

Chris, who was in the foster system himself, says he’s been cherishing each moment.

“She’s been with us for 928 days today, and it finally became official and she is now our little one,” Chris says.

The Bryants took Isabella in when she was only two days old. While they’ve remained hopeful that it would become permanent, they had their fears.

emily sellars and tabitha may are family friends. they organized the celebration and say there was a bigger turnout than expected, but they aren’t surprised by the support.

“So of course it’s very, very hard to get attached and then for that child to leave,” Chris says.

But Isabella is here to stay, and so to celebrate, the neighborhood held a parade.

Cars lined up and were decorated with signs congratulating the Bryants. Some neighbors even got out their cars to give gifts.

Emily Sellars and Tabitha May are family friends. They organized the celebration, and say there were more participants than expected, but they aren’t surprised by the support.

“It just reaffirms that she is loved, but this whole family is loved, and this situation is worth it,” Sellars says. “And if all foster parents could be like Chris and Jared, this world would definitely be a better place,” May says.

The Bryants say they are overwhelmed. They say anyone who is thinking about adopting should go for it because the joy Isabella brings them is all they need.

“There’s no greater feeling than seeing the smile that is brought to the children’s face when you show them the love they’ve never had before,” says Chris.

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