Adults Discovering They Have Autism Isn’t a Scary Thing

One in 68 people are living with autism spectrum disorder, but many people don’t know it; especially older adults.
The latest advances in psychology allows doctors to detect autism as young as 18 months old.
However, a high functioning form of autism called Aspergers wasn’t even recognized as a disorder until 1994, so many people born before then never got a proper diagnosis.
Since April is Autism Awareness month many people like Logan Slaughter are spreading the word that getting a diagnosis later in life can be shocking but a helpful tool.
"It’s kind of like I have cancer and it’s like wow I have cancer it’s a scary thing but then i know what i can’t do i know what i can do and i know what i will do so that’s the kind of attitude i have. so I’m going to get there, but i might not get there when everyone else is," said Slaughter.
Scott Kramer founded the Greater Chattanooga Aspies group after he learned he had Aspergers at an older age.  He says it was a way to bring like minded people together.
"I realized it’s okay to have autism, it’s okay to be different, it’s okay to have these things because you don’t have to be like everybody else," Kramer said.

Here are some helpful links for more information on Autism Spectrum Disorder:

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