Advance Auto Parts & East Ridge PD give gift cards instead of vehicle citations

EAST RIDGE, Tenn (WDEF) – It’s the season of giving, so in an effort to promote safe driving this Christmas,  the  East Ridge Police Department has teamed up with Advance Auto Parts to give out gift cards in order to help residents fix their violations, instead of getting a citation.

“This is going to help them comply with the law and it doesn’t cost them any money,” says East Ridge Police Chief, Stan Allen. 

The program gave the East Ridge Police Department up to $1500 worth of $25 gift cards and will go into effect immediately. 

 “When you get pulled over as a motorist you are very nervous. So the fact that an officer has the ability to give you a gift card instead of a citation – strengthens the bond between the motorists and the police departments in those local communities,” says Ian Robb, Advance District Manager.

The Gift card distribution is up to the discretion of each officer and motorists can decide when to use that card –although using it as soon as possible is encouraged. 

“They know how to stop cars and they know how to interact with people. It’s just giving them this new tool as an option rather than writing them a citation. We are going to tell them the gift cards are given if that is the only violation like equipment violations such as headlights or taillights,” says Chief Allen. 

Both organizations hope these gift cards will help motorists remember to drive safely this holiday season.

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