Affordable Care Act Advocates Speak

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – We’re just a few weeks away from President-Elect Donald Trump taking office.
Millions of people across the country are worried about the possibility of changes being made to the affordable care act.
News 12 spoke with community members making a plea to President-Elect Trump to not do away with the program.
A group of affordable health care advocates came together to share their concerns about the possible change in provisions within the program.

Sherrie Davis, a Speech Pathologist, said she has seen first-hand the benefit of the program.

“We all have in our family people who have been denied access or couldn’t afford health care and so we’ve seen the devastation of that.”

Pat Combs said her daughter was diagnosed with bipolar disorder three years ago and already had pre-existing conditions
She said without Obamacare she would not have been able to afford her medication.

“She doesn’t know what she’ll do and she had coverage, you know, minimal coverage before, but it’s not enough. The enhanced benefits that help her the most are the pre-existing condition coverage, medication coverage, no annual limits to coverage.”

Despite saying he (Trump) wanted to repeal and replace Obamacare, it was just last month in a 60 Minutes interview when the President-Elect said he had altered his intentions and plans to keep some the provisions.
However, the group does acknowledge there should be some changes made.
“We can make this better and we can actually add more people on the rolls and provide health care for a lot more people. If we decide to make it better, but doing away with it is not an option”, said Davis.

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