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Chattanooga ranks 6th in the entire country for the worst allergies this season.
And representatives with the Hamilton County Air Pollution Control Bureau says this week sufferers will certainly feel it. Judy Cottone, Chattanooga said, "We do notice the pollen. We do sneeze. We do snort. We do all of the allergy reactions." With no substantial rain in the near term, pollen count numbers are expected to rise this week and into the weekend. Amber Boles, Hamilton County Air Pollution Control said, "The longer that we go without rain or high humidity, we are going to see a lot of increase in pollen levels. By the end of the week, if you aren’t experiencing symptoms, you may likely start to experience some."

Our area has more than 300 different species of trees to add pollen into the air. Daily pollen count readings have been extremely heavy for the last several days. Boles said, "Usually when we have an extremely heavy day that means that pollen levels are high enough that they are going to cause a lot of reactions to people who are allergic to pollen. The majority of people who are allergic to pollen are going to have symptoms." Representatives with the Hamilton County Air Pollution Control Bureau recommend limiting your time outdoors if you suffer from allergies. Boles said, "If you are outside leave your shoes outside, so you don’t track the pollen in your house. Keep your windows and doors closed as much as possible to keep the pollen from coming in. Run your air conditioning." Cottone said, "This is such a beautiful city and such a beautiful part of the United States that I’m going to sneeze, so I can get to see what I haven’t seen before."

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