“Airbnb of Boats” coming to Chattanooga

Using GetMyBoat, you can rent anything from luxury yachts, pontoons,
sailboats or kayaks.

You even have the option of linking up with your own boat captain if
you don’t feel like navigating the water yourself.

I talked with marketing manager Val Strief today who discussed the
surge in demand in boating rentals during the pandemic.

“The demand for boat rentals really started last year amidst the
pandemic because boating is a great social distancing activity, and
people have really rediscovered the joy of being outside on the water.
So we’re seeing about 700 percent year over year growth and we’re on
track to send over one million people boating this year, which is
really exciting. You see so many boats sitting in marinas and on docks
unused, I think the average boat is used only about 8 percent of the
year, and they thought you know how can we connect people with boat
captains, water experiences so that more people can enjoy this and
become more accessible to a larger demographic of people,” says Strief.

You can learn more about GetMyBoat and their services by visiting their

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