Alabama announces CoreCivic could build their mega prisons

Governor Kay Ivey on Thursday announced the next step in her proposal to overhaul the state’s overcrowded and violent prison system.

Last year, she proposed three new “mega prisons” for the state, to be built and developed by private companies.  They will replace some of the current 13 state prisons in Alabama.

CoreCivic is one of two companies still in the running.

The Governor announced today that the three prisons will be built outside of Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile.

The state will lease and operate the mega prisons.

“We all – legislators, advocates, and taxpayers, alike – can and should agree that we must rebuild Alabama’s correctional system from the ground up to improve safety for our state’s correctional staff and inmate population, and we must do it immediately. Given the failing state of the ADOC’s existing infrastructure and that the Department already is faced with more than $1 billion in deferred maintenance costs alone, pursuing new construction without raising taxes or incurring debt is the fiscally sound and responsible decision. I am pleased with the integrity of this procurement process thus far and look forward to continuing to work closely with the legislature as we comprehensively address this intricate and important issue that affects us all.”

The state has had to close two prisons in the last couple of years and is now more than seven thousand inmates over capacity in the rest of them.

The Governor hopes to begin construction on the new prisons next year.

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