Alabama approves stashing guns at some schools

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (WDEF) – Alabama will allow some administrators to keep guns on campus.

Governor Kay Ivey announced the Alabama Sentry Program on Wednesday.

It applies only to schools without an SRO.

And it is a voluntary program.

It allows administrators to (not teachers) to “maintain a firearm on campus in a secured safe in order to be prepared to respond to an active shooter situation.”

They would have to take specialty training.

The Governor says this is just a temporary step until they can put an officer in every school.

“The Governor’s SAFE Council recommended adding more School Resource Officers throughout our state, a solution that I support, and will work with the legislature to implement. However, until we have a concrete plan to increase the number of SROs, we must provide a way for schools to protect their students in the upcoming school year. I have created the Alabama Sentry Program to provide additional security measures for our children, and to utilize the current summer break to train those who volunteer to be a sentry.”

The administrator would have to get the approval of their superintendent, school board and sheriff to participate in the program.

The program goes into affect immediately, so administrators can get the training over the summer break.

The program, which is endorsed by Alabama Sheriff’s, gets around the controversy of arming teachers.

“Unlike teachers, school administrators have complete access to their schools and are responsible for the safety of all students at the school, not an individual classroom.”

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