Alabama once again denies parole to Judith Ann Neelley

She and her husband were convicted of kidnapping, torturing and killing a 13 year old girl in 1982 and dumping her body in the Little River Canyon

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (WDEF) – Alabama officials have once again denied parole to Judith Ann Neelley for a murder that happened more than 40 years ago in our area.

Neelley and her husband were convicted of the kidnapping, torture and murder of 13 year old Lisa Ann Millican in 1982.

The couple abducted the girl from a mall in Rome, Georgia.

It was a brutal crime.

The girl was raped multiple times.

The couple took her to the Little River Canyon, where Judith handcuffed her to a tree and injected drain cleaner into her with a needle. When that failed to kill her, Neelley shot her and pushed the body into the canyon.

Alvin Neelley was convicted and died in prison.

Judith was convicted of rape and murder in the case and has been in prison ever since.

She was given the death penalty, but Governor Fob James commuted that sentence to life in prison in 1999.

She is 59 years old now.

A brother and sister of the victim spoke at Neelley’s latest parole hearing.

The former District Attorney for the case told the parole board that she killed for sport and called her “evil and depraved.”

Current Governor Kay Ivey is against the parole and said commuting her death sentence was a mistake.

Here is her letter explaining her thoughts to the parole board:


Even if Alabama had paroled Neelley today, she still faced re-arrest by the state of Georgia on the kidnapping charge.

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