Alcohol Delivery in Dalton Georgia

DALTON, Ga. (WDEF)- Instead of having to purchase alcohol at the register, grocery stores, restaurants and liquor stores in the city of Dalton will be able to deliver beverages to your front door.
A decision made by city officials in an effort to give local businesses a financial advantage.
“I think this will be sweeping across Georgia and we don’t want to be at a competitive disadvantage to other communities around us” said Mayor David Pennington.
“If you live in the city, the liquor store is next to you” said Harry Patel, owner of “City Liquor”.
“City Liquor” is set to start delivering once the law is in effect.
Although, Patel wants Whitfield county residents to benefit from alcohol delivery as well.
“The people who live in the city can drive a half a mile and go to the liquor store and buy whatever they want” said Patel. “The people who live in the county have to drive four, five, six, seven miles.”
Dalton’s Communication Director says the ordinance isn’t just about finances but safety as well.
“There are a lot of people that are in at risk categories that don’t want to risk going to the store and purchase so there are grocery stores offering home delivery groceries” said Frazier.
While the purpose of this ordinance was passed in order to help local businesses boost their revenue, News 12 asked Mayor Pennington and Frazier if a law like this would have been possible without the covid-19 pandemic.
“Statewide I can’t talk about that as far as the legislature but here locally if we were allowed to do that we would have done this” said Mayor Pennington.
“I think that one of the reasons why the state was able to get it pushed through is because of the pandemic” said Frazier.
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