Alex Georgiev almost gets away with throwing stick at Alex Ovechkin’s shootout try in bizarre Caps-Rangers finish

You’ve got to give Alexandar Georgiev credit: He’s willing to do whatever it takes to make sure his team stays alive. Unfortunately for the Rangers goalie, he resorted to very illegal tactics on Sunday afternoon and almost got away with it. Almost.

As Alex Ovechkin skated down the ice in the shootout with a chance to win the game for the Capitals, the Washington captain executed a slick stickhandling maneuver that got Georgiev lunging and out of position. Ovechkin had the goalie beat with a wide open net to shoot at and, considering he’s Alex Ovechkin, the game looked like it was over. 

But a desperate Georgiev wasn’t willing to let Ovechkin plunge the dagger that easily. Instead, the Rangers goalie tried a last-ditch attempt to save the game…by throwing his stick at the puck before Ovi could fire it into the net. 

And it worked! Georgiev’s projectile knocked the puck loose and, amazingly, referees initially ruled it “no goal” on the ice. A goaltender isn’t allowed to throw his equipment at a shooter in an attempt to disrupt a shot, so the Capitals were understandably miffed by the original ruling. 

However, officials huddled and then consulted replay review in Toronto before making the correct call, awarding Ovechkin the game-winning goal and a 3-2 Capitals victory.

Again, credit to Georgiev for his competitiveness and creativity — he showed a fighting spirit until the very end — but he may want to find more subtle (and legal) techniques moving forward. Or, at the very least, the NHL could consider changing the shootout rules to allow this sort of desperation because, boy, was it ever hilarious to watch.

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