Alleged rapist who claimed to be a Marine will not go free

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – The man accused of raping a woman while claiming to be a U.S. Marine faced his accuser in court Tuesday.

It was a hearing to determine whether Robert Bradshaw, 27, would get charges dropped or at least a reduction in bond.

Last week Bradshaw was arrested and charged with rape, kidnapping and assault. In the police report, his alleged victim said Bradshaw told her he was a Marine who would kill her if she didn’t do what he said and if she told police about his alleged crime.

In court, his accuser was the first to testify.

She answered questions about how she and Bradshaw met at a downtown Chattanooga restaurant. Then she admitted going home with Bradshaw. But then she said he brutally raped her and that she was physically injured.

"I tried to go to the bathroom my bottom was bleeding."

At one point during her testimony, the victim became so overwhelmed that she collapsed to the floor which caused the judge to take a short break.

Minutes later, the woman finished her testimony then came the cross examination from defense attorney Brandy Spurgin.

The defense paint the victim as a foreign flirtatious woman with a criminal record that included making false claims of rape to police in Florida. The alleged victim admit that she was a former adult model who is currently in drug rehab by court order.

"The victim has been convicted of filing a false report before; alleging a sex crime before," said the defense attorney.

It looked as if the defense was taking control of the case until a medical expert who examined the victim took the stand.

The expert told the court that the victim had physical injures that were consistent with rape.

Then the prosecution hammered home it’s case by revealing to the court that Bradshaw was already convicted of serious crimes in three states including Tennessee. He was also on probation for a crime in Idaho.

Then the judge made his ruling.

"On the charge of rape I’m increasing his bond to $350,000 under the bail reform act because I find I that he is flight risk. I find he is a danger to the community," the judge said.

Judge Bales did drop the charge of kidnapping in the case because the alleged victim agreed to go home with Bradshaw.

The case is now bound over to a grand jury.

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