‘America First Tour’ makes stop in Dalton

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF)- Georgia Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene and Florida congressman Matt Gaetz made a stop in Dalton Thursday on what they are calling the American First Tour.

“And we are the most hated, most talked about, and most attacked members of Congress,” said Greene.
A few hundred people showed up at the Dalton Convention Center to support Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.
I love hearing politicians although she’s not a politician, she’s a businesswoman but I like hearing our representatives, I like to hear that they’re keeping their promises that’s what I like to see,” supporter Jammie Davis.
Greene has been critiqued by many for comparing the mask mandate to the Holocaust.
“We had the first amendment freedom of speech so she can compare whatever she wants to compare to. This is America so,” said Davis.
“The Nazis were the National Socialist party just like the Democrats are now a national Socialist party. They have a little group and the Democrat party I work with, some lovely ladies. I called them the jihad squad” said Greene.
Greene also spoke for several minutes on claims the Presidential election was stolen.
Congressman Matt Gaetz made several statements including there is a deep state in many places including Dr. Fauci and the post office.
“The deep state is everywhere. It is real, it is even at the post office. The United States post office has an Internet covert operations program when that be nice at the post office just delivered our mail on time,” said Gaetz.
He also hints at potentially running for President in 2024.
“I think President Donald Trump is coming back in 2024,” said ,” said Gaetz. “And if he doesn’t, who knows.”
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