American Red Cross Awards Family and First Responders

WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF)- “At first I thought it was a dream and it started to hurt my feet so I jumped onto a couch”, said Devin Wooten.

It’s been two months since fire destroyed Devin’s Walker County home.

“I saw flames.”

He still vividly recalls the moment fire surrounded him.

“I ran across a burning table into the kitchen and then ran out the back door.”

The eleven year old and most of his family safely escaped the burning house.

Now, The American Red Cross is honoring Devin and his sister Brittany as heroes who saved their family.

Just last year, Devin attended a fire safety education fair hosted by the Walker County Fire Department.

The young boy’s curiosity motivated him to convince his grandmother to install working smoke detectors in their home.

“I just got the feeling they would do good and keep everybody alive.”

He was right. The detectors woke Brittany up as smoke was rising. She then alerted her family to exit the house.

A sigh of relief, until she realized one person was missing. Her grandfather.

“I was tempted to go back in and try and get him but with me being 31 weeks pregnant, I couldn’t do it” said Brittany Mitchell.

Her grandfather is now in a rehab center receiving treatment for severe burns.

Never the less, Brittany is counting her blessings. Thankful her family is still intact. “Glad that everybody is still alive. I’m speechless.”

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