American Red Cross Tennessee Region Promotes National Preparedness Month


Flooding in Waverly


CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – From tornadoes to flooding this past year, the Southeast has seen more than its share of natural disasters. The American Red Cross Tennessee Region is September as promoting natural disaster preparedness month.

People everywhere are feeling the impacts of climate change.

It was this week one year ago that 20 Tennesseans lost their lives in a horrific flooding event in Waverly, Tennessee.

Next month, is National Preparedness Month and Sherri McKinney with the American Red Cross of Tennessee is urging everyone to get ready for these emergencies now.

“It’s making sure that you have a preparedness kit ready to go prior to a disaster happening. There are a list of what you can include in your preparedness kit, everything from water, stable food, you can include your first aid kit, of course, you want to include a flashlight, you want to include a hand crank radio to make sure that you can get communication during that time,” said McKinney.

From 2021 to 2022, The cost of the destruction tops $162.6 billion dollars. That’s over 50 billion per year from the last three years according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

“20 years ago, we saw many disasters in the millions. Now, in 2022, our response to disasters is running in the billions. Disaster business is a very expensive business, because the amount and of major damage that we’re seeing from some of these natural disasters is so great that it takes a lot of folks and it takes a lot of people who are donors and partners with the American Red Cross just to be able to respond to these disasters,” said McKinney. “One of the things that your your viewers need to know is that there is always room for more volunteers with American Red Cross. We are in dire need of disaster action team members across our state and those are people who respond.”

You can be ready by visiting Remember to include your pets in your emergency plans. And a reminder for older adults or people with disabilities, you may need to create a support network.

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