Amy Bradford Makes Her Lessons Hands On, Encourages Constant Learning

When it comes to teaching, it’s one thing to talk about the days lesson and another thing to experience it.  "Are we going to be able to describe this with salty? No, this one wasn’t very salty was it?" asks Amy Bradford.

During this exercise on adjectives, Bradford provides each student with Starburst candy and Goldfish crackers to help them decipher smell, taste, sound, and other features.  "If I just hold it up then they haven’t felt it.  Or if I just give it to one and say hey you feel it, then no one else has experienced it. So I try my best to let them have the experience instead of just telling them about the experience."

Along with hands on learning, Bradford color codes topics to encourage faster recall.  But her principal says its Bradford’s humbleness and love for her students that truly makes her special.  Geoff Rhodes says "anytime accolades are thrown her way or she’s recognized for something, she always deflects it toward someone else.  And this time it can’t be."

Bradford started teaching 15-years ago.  She transitioned from day care work after discovering she loved being around children.  "Kids are just neat.  They’re open and honest and they are accepting and just neat to be around," says Bradford.

Despite being a veteran in the classroom, Bradford remains a constant learner, reviewing daily which lessons worked and which need adjusting.  "I had one come in the other day and say hey I told my mom about multiple representation and she told me if I get any smarter, she’s going to have to hire a tutor.  So, things like that.  Things that are sticking in their brain… it makes it worth it."

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