An Unique Addition Could Come To St. Elmo

St. Elmo could soon have a new multi-use development near the Incline.

Some residents in the area are happy with the thought of having a change in scenery.

Leanna Courtney who loves and works in the area says, “I’m excited about it. Having a bunch of different restaurants and new places for people come. I think that it will be really cool.”

Businesses on St. Elmo Avenue are just as excited to see more foot-traffic in the area.

Jay Brooks of Brooks Moore & Associates says, “I like the thought of having some more restaurants, potentially a hotel and some more parking. I’m looking forward to it and what it can bring.”

The 21 million dollar project will need to get new zoning which could take place in June at the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission.

The architects are excited to make a unique addition to St. Elmo.

Bob Franklin of Franklin Architects says, “Downtown St. Elmo, is almost like a village, it is a wonderful place in and of itself. But there, are holes and gaps in it and this is an opportunity to fill in those gaps.”

Although, some neighbors in the area are not as thrilled about the project, the developer, Claudia Pullen, lives and works in the area.

She wants to make sure that St. Elmo has pedestrian friendly streets and continues to be a great place to live or visit.

Pullen says, “We work and live and spend a lot of time in those two blocks. We wanted something that would turn into something that my own family will use. It’s not just a development and move onto the next project, this is close to the heart.”

There will be different phases for the project.

If the proposal is approved, the project will include two blocks from the 1885 restaurant to the old SunTrust Bank.

The 100,000 square foot project will include a 240-space parking garage, retail, residential or office space and possibly a boutique hotel.

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