Angie’s List Report: Summer Pet Health

(WDEF) Joe Kaiser says it’s important to check your pets each month.
        Pet owner Joe Kaiser said, "Being a volunteer at the Humane Society I see too many animals with heartworm coming in with fleas and ticks and I see this and I feel so sorry for them because they are suffering."
        There are three common parasites pet owners should be aware of.
        Angie Hicks of Angie’s List said, "Especially during these summer months preventative care for your pets is important when it comes to parasites because it’s very easy for them to pick up fleas, for example. The treatment is much more expensive than the preventative maintenance is."
        Fleas are the most common.
        Veterinarian Dr. Greg Magnusson said, "It takes about three months for a flea egg to develop into a flea adult so the adults that you’re seeing on your pet today are laying eggs that aren’t going to hatch for another three months."
        And even if your feline friend never takes a single step outdoors, humans can easily track fleas in from outside.
        Hicks added, "The important thing to keep in mind when it comes to pet and parasites is they don’t just impact your pet. For example, recently heard from a woman who had an indoor cat and the cat got out one day and came back with fleas. So, not only did she have to treat the pet, but she also had to try to rid her home of fleas as well, which is not an easy task."
        Mosquitoes spread the second type of parasite to be on the lookout for: heartworms.
        Dr.  Magnusson added, "A mosquito will suck blood out of an infected dog or cat and fly over to a neighbor’s house and then take a second blood meal off that dog or cat and inject the worms into that pet."
        And vets suggest checking your dog regularly for ticks since they can transmit Lyme disease.
        Dr. Magnusson added, "Most of our ticks we find from dogs that aren’t necessarily hiking in wooded areas, but are just in their backyard."

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