Animal Care & Concern This Holiday Season

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Non-profit 4 Paws Pantry delivered more than 2000 pounds of food to the Scenic City’s most needy pets in recent weeks.

They expect this holiday season to be even busier.

Betty Crawford, 4 Paws Pantry TN, "Don’t not feed your pet, we have lots of food available, HES gave us a very generous donation so please call us and help you out."

 4 Paws Pantry are based in Red Bank but are working with pet owners across this city this 4th of July.

Betty Crawford, 4 Paws Pantry TN,"We have really given out more food in the summer months than we have in the winter months so i think a lot of people are relocating or they are starting new jobs or get laid off from their jobs so they are in between, we had 5 new clients sign up last month we already have one coming in tomorrow afternoon".

Over at McKamey, lines of pet owners are worried about Fireworks affecting their animals.

Jamie McAloon, McKamey Animal Center,"Play loud music so they don’t hear fireworks in your house, put them in an area that is more isolated, that is safe, i know my own dog sleeps in the bathtub when these fireworks start".

McAloon also has this advice for dog owners whose pets reside outside.

"Keep your pets inside do not keep your dogs outside especially if you are used to tethering a dog or putting it on a chain get that dog off that chain and get it inside".

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