70 dogs found in one home in Murray County

CHATSWORTH, Georgia (WDEF) – A case of animal hoarding in Murray County brought the Humane Society of Atlanta up to assist Murray County Animal Control this morning.

Acting on a tip, Murray County Animal Control checked out a home on old Federal road and found about 70 dogs.

The officers at first thought it was a puppy mill and called the Sheriff’s office for help. Investigators got a warrant and found a huge number of dogs in poor condition.

It took a while to sort out.

Murray County Chief Deputy Jimmy Davenport told us ” It was served, the search warrant about 6 o’clock in the afternoon, at that point, all the animals that were on the property, were confined to the property, just for lack of having the ability of having somewhere to house them.”

The Atlanta Humane Society arrived today.

Amanda Harris with the Atlanta Humane Society said “A lady who owned a bunch of animals and got to the point where she was overwhelmed and the animals health was being compromised because of the number of animals it was getting a little bit out of hand, and so she reached out for some help and Murray County was initially the one to step in, and then the Atlanta Humane Society was happy to come along side them and take these animals into our care.”

Davenport added  “Obviously it’d be cruelty to animals. But of course, we’re waiting on the mounds of data that they’re compiling with the Humane Society, uh, we have a veterinarian over there doing an initial assessment, and then once the animals are cataloged, checked here, they’ll be taken down the the Atlanta Humane Society to be housed.”

Harris said “They’re living almost entirely outside, there are some dilapidated um and you know run down trailers in the property, uh but the animals are living primarily outside.”

No charges yet, but the sheriff’s office says they could be filed against the owner of the trailer depending on a final report from the Humane society.

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