Annexation Bill

Representative Mike Carter’s bill will put a stop to "cherry picking" certain desirable areas and annexing them into a city.

District 9 County Commissioner Chester Bankston says he agrees with Carter’s idea to annex everything in their current urban growth plans instead of moving on to other areas prematurely.

"I like it. It’s been a long time coming and should’ve happened a long time ago," he says.

Bankston says residents and businesses should benefit from being annexed.

"When you annex an area you’re supposed to be able to service that area within three years and if you don’t it’s supposed to be de-annexed but they don’t get their money back. If they’re gonna do that and they do not have a way to service it then they should be able to get their money back," says Bankston.

It’s a topic that arose at the District 3 debate also Wednesday.

Candidate Ken Smith says "One of the big questions you get a forums is ‘do you support annexation’? No I don’t support annexation and there are a number of reasons why."

Smith points to the lack of or limited services among the biggest causes of concern.

Another part of Carter’s bill requires cities to meet their requirements or ‘clean their plates’ to provide services to all previously annexed areas before amending the plans to move into annexing other areas.

Bankston says "If you can’t service an area don’t bypass that area in your path instead of just, as he called it cherry picking."

Bankston says annexing for financial gain is illegal. In Chattanooga, Brittany Shaw, WDEF News 12.

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