Another big drop in prices make Chattanooga a cheap gas destination

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – How low will gas prices go in our area?

The GasBuddy survey says prices dropped another 8.6 cents a gallon here last week.

That puts the average price at $2.11 in Chattanooga.

And you can find a gallon for just $1.73 in Lookout Valley (Exxon/ Cummings Hwy exit).

Other lows around the Tennessee Valley included $1.89 in Ooltewah (BP), $1.87 in Cleveland (BP Keith St.), $2.01 Athens (Speedway Decatur Pike), $2.05 in Ringgold (Costco).

In fact, the 15 lowest prices recorded in Tennessee this week are all in Chattanooga, Ooltewah and Cleveland.

The national average dropped just 1.6 cents.

Prices have now dropped more than 39 cents in the last month.

And Chattanooga’s average price is now a full dime cheaper than our neighbors in Knoxville, Huntsville, and Nashville.

So can it get much cheaper?

“The national average gas price is lower for the sixth straight week, the longest such decline since the summer of 2016,” said Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy.

“Perhaps even more wild is that the national average has now remained under $3 per gallon for nearly 3 years, or 1,087 days as the days of cheap oil have continued.”

“While recent actions from OPEC may cause oil prices to hold above the key $50 per barrel level, there is no threat of a quick return to the $3 per gallon days.”

“In fact, the national average may continue to decline for a few weeks before leveling off as gasoline inventories continue to heal after Harvey.”

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