Another high day for new Covid cases in Hamilton County

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tennessee (WDEF) – Health officials report another bad day for new Covid cases in Hamilton County.

But not as bad as yesterday.
The Health Department reports 727 new Covid cases for Thursday, which makes it the second worst day  during the entire pandemic.
The worst day was yesterday, with 948 new cases.
And the 7 day moving average continues to climb.
The number of new cases has taken a dramatic jump this week as the Omicron variant takes hold in our region and people are lining up for testing (the Omicron variant does not have some of the more severe symptoms that Delta had, requiring a test to confirm).
New Case Log
While the new case numbers are easily passing the peaks from last winter and the Delta surge of the late summer, that is not the case for hospitalizations.
The number of hospitalizations in Hamilton County is going up, just not nearly as fast as new case.
Today’s number is about the same as the first surge in summer of of 2020, and half the peaks of the Delta surge and last winter.
Hospitalizations 30 Days
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