Flu or COVID? How Do You Know?

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — As it gets cooler outside and the leaves begin to change, many people will wake up some mornings feeling unwell.

But with COVID still hanging around, pollen in the air, and Flu season just beginning, how can you tell what’s making you sick?

If you wake up with itchy eyes and a runny nose, it’s probably allergies.

If you have a fever, it could be COVID or the Flu.

But according Dr. Eugene Ryan of Parkridge Medical Center, COVID is going to present with a dry cough.

“Is this my usual feel bad, or what is different about this from the past? If it’s allergy season and you’re not really feeling bad — it’s just a runny
nose — it’s most likely allergies. If you’ve been exposed to somebody or are just feeling more rotten than usual, then you should probably stay to
you self and start off with your usual first-line therapy, your favorite, you know, analgesics, like acetaminophen or ibuprofen and noproxyn,
antihistamines like Claratin or like Allegra, those types of things, hot steamy drinks, hot steamy foods, hot steamy shower, to help, you know, modify
symptoms, but if you start having severe fever of one hundred point four, then you start worrying more about severe infection, and it’s probably time to
start calling your doctor and things like that,” said Ryan.

Vaccines are available for the flu and for COVID. And you can receive them on the same day.

“You can actually get both your Flu vaccine and COVID vaccine on the same day. But, if you decide not to, then we recommend you space them by two weeks,” said Ryan.

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