Another scandal at Red Bank Police Department

RED BANK, Tennessee(WDEF) – Red Bank police cars have the slogan "protect and serve," but did the department serve on of its officers by protecting him from arrest?

The incident in question occurred last Tuesday.

According to internal affairs documents, Detective Doug Millsaps was on-duty and intoxicated when he arrived at a law enforcement gun rage to participate in firearms training.

Another Red Bank officer alerted the training Sergeant who pulled Millsaps’s to the side to conduct a blood alcohol test. Millsaps reportedly blew a .14 which is well over the legal limit.

He was driven back to the station where two more tests confirmed he was intoxicated.

An internal investigation was immediately launched and Millsaps placed on paid leave pending the outcome of the investigation. But two days later, the detective resigned from the department so the investigation was closed.

WDEF asked to see the alcohol log which is a paper documentation of everyone who is tested and arrested for DUI. For some reason, Millsaps name was not on that log. He was never arrested and it’s unclear if he drove to the gun range in a police vehicle while intoxicated.

It’s also unclear if Millsaps fired a gun at the range while under the influence of alcohol.

A range master who was not present the day the incident occurred told WDEF it would be illegal to operate a firearm while under the influence.

WDEF made numerous attempts to contact Police Chief Tim Christol but no calls were returned. 

Red City manager Randall Smith was also asked to comment about this latest scandal but said he would rather refer all inquiries about the police department to Chief Christol. 

WDEF went to Millsaps home in Red Bank to see if he wanted to tell his side of the story but no one answered the door.

This latest incident comes several weeks after a Red Bank police officer was seen on video beating an unarmed and defenseless suspect. The beating is now under both a TBI and FBI investigation.

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