Anti-abortion group demonstrates near UTC

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — An anti-abortion group from Ohio was in town to share their message with UTC students.

Members of Created Equal stood on the side of Douglas Street, near signs with images depicting abortion.

It’s part of their 21 college campus tour in four states right before some key US Senate races.

Evangeline Dunn was one of the demonstrators with Created Equal. She says they are against abortion because it takes a human life.

“We think it is always wrong to intentionally kill any innocent human being. Abortion is always an intentional killing. Therefore abortion is always morally wrong,” Dunn said.

Some UTC students say they are pro-choice and they were upset the group came to their campus. A rape survivor said she found the demonstration hateful.

“You have people here telling me that I am a bad person because if I had been impregnated by my rapist and then had an abortion, then I am not a good person,” she said.

UTC was the last stop on the group’s three week tour.

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