Anti-union group attorney on election hold decision: ‘It’s labor law 101’

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – “This is the UAW attempt to get into Volkswagen, to get into Chattanooga, and to get into the south and it would be unique,” Southern Momentum Attorney Maury Nicely said.

On Friday, the National Labor Relations Board put a hold on the UAW’s request for a union election at Volkswagen in Chattanooga.

The UAW responded by saying VW manipulated the board’s process and called the halt a “travesty.”

They said the company is denying the workers a right to vote on a union.

“It’s labor law 101,” Nicely said.

Nicely is the attorney for Southern Momentum, a group of Volkswagen workers against the UAW.

“The simple fact is, they were petitioning to have maintenance workers covered. That matter is still pending. They know that and they’ve now petitioned to have a union that would also include those maintenance workers in a different and larger unit. You can’t have these two things going at the same time,” Nicely said.

The smaller union of only maintenance workers is the UAW Local 42.

The micro-union won an election after Volkswagen workers voted down the UAW in 2014.

“If there was any group you were a member of, and you’re asking yourself, is it of value to me. If it is of value, people want to be a member. So one must ask themselves why are 35,000 people just in the last year rejecting the UAW,” Nicely said.

The UAW feels the “workers deserve to be able to vote on having the same workplace rights to bargain as every other VW worker in the world.”

Nicely believes the union is only interested in dues.

There’s no word yet on when an election date will be set.

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