Apartment complex planned for south Broad Street

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Plans have been released for one of the largest developments in recent memory on south broad street.

The 75-million dollar project includes a Riverwalk extension.

City councilman Erskine Oglesby tells news 12 that the project planned for West 33rd street includes a multi-story apartment complex, which includes town homes and numerous retail establishments over a 20 acre site.

A former restaurant and abandoned hotel are currently on the property at 33rd and Broad.

They will be demolished along with a warehouse on west 33rd street, across from the entrance to Chattanooga Christian School.

Councilman Oglesby describes what’s next.

“The next step, they’ve already met with several groups, now they want to have a big community meeting of those that live on the Broad Street area to make sure that they have a buy in, so there’s some more community meetings before they’ll actually come to the next step.”

Neyland Associates, of Knoxville, says there will be 300 apartments.

Councilman Oglesby says the zoning is in place and other information will be released as clearing of the area and construction work begins.

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