Apple owes Qualcomm $31 million for patent infringement, jury rules

Apple violated patents and should pay $31 million in damages to mobile chip maker Qualcomm, a jury ruled. The verdict Friday in a San Diego federal court follows a two-week trial pitting two former allies that have become bitter adversaries.

The lawsuit stems from 2017, when Qualcomm alleged that Apple had used its technology without permission in some versions of its popular iPhone, according to Cnet. The technology helps iPhones quickly connect to the internet and extend their battery life.

The trial is a fragment of a legal battle involving Apple and Qualcomm, who are sparing over who invented some of the technology used for key features in smartphones and other mobile devices. The decision comes ahead of a highly anticipated trial next month between Apple and Qualcomm. That dispute is focused on Qualcomm’s patent royalties with Apple and involves billions, Cnet said.

The jury agreed with Qualcomm’s contention that it should be paid $1.41 per iPhone relying on three of its patents.

Qualcomm hailed the verdict as a validation of its technology’s importance to iPhones. Apple said it was disappointed with the decision.

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