Apples for kids in East Ridge

EAST RIDGE, Tennessee (WDEF) – Food Lion made donations to East Ridge Elementary school teachers to kick off their apple bag campaign.

The warm gesture is a salute to the hardworking teachers.

The entire staff of East Ridge Elementary was picked by Food Lion to receive about 100 bags of Gala Apples.

Principal Moreno says his staff will more than likely take advantage of the donations by making sure their students have a healthy snack the next couple of weeks.

“So ironically the crew was just here a couple minutes ago and they passed out the bag to one of the teachers and she was like ‘can I give these to my kids?’ That just goes to show you how teachers are always thinking of others. It’s a great, healthy snack for them to share with their kids.”

Every purchase of Gala apples in the Food Lion approved bag will fund additional meals at the local food banks.

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