Are Gyms Safe?

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, Tenn. (WDEF)- Gyms were one of the first businesses able to open up in the state of Georgia and Tennessee.

With much consideration on how the public would respond, Workout Anytime 24/7 has been very detailed in their approach to reopening.

One way Workout Anytime is being precautious as they’re doors open back up to the public is strictly following the C.D.C. guidelines of sanitation.

“Handles, doorknobs, corners, anything that’s frequently touched -we just around and sanitize it every couple of hours” said Owner of Signal Mountain’s Workout Anytime John Greff.

The gym has also expanded staff hours to keep up with sanitation while recommending their members to keep a six foot distance during workout.

Greff is encouraging seniors and people with high risk health issues should be extra careful, even if that means avoiding the gym at this time.

“Anybody that has a heart condition, C.O.P.D., type 2 diabetes -the things that increase the risk of serious complications. We just don’t know enough about the virus and so it’s prudent for them to take extra measures.”

The same goes for any members or employees who have been sick as of recent.

“We’ve asked our members if they’ve been sick that they refrain from coming to the gym for a couple of weeks.”

Workout Anytime will use a scheduling program for peak hours if traffic in the building increases because their capacity has been limited to 50%.

“In the event that it does happen we have it built right into our gym management software where we can schedule workout times to manage the traffic.”

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