Army announces penalty for Guard missing their Covid vaccines

They faced a deadline on Thursday to get the shot

(WDEF) – The Army announced on Friday on how they will deal with National Guard members who missed the Thursday deadline for a Covid vaccine.

They will not “fire” them (exactly) as threatened.

Instead, Guard members will not be allowed to participate in federal training, or get paid.

However, they can still get paychecks from their states when serving on missions assigned by the governors.

For instance, Tennessee Guardsmen are currently patrolling the Mexican border after a call-up by Governor Lee.

The Army National Guard estimate that 40,000 troops have failed to get the shot.

And 14,000 of them say they do not intend to.

Guard officials tell CBS News that they hope the missing paychecks for weekend drills will change some minds.

Missing the training could mean that members will lose their proficiency rating and face a discharge.

The Army National Guard reports that 89% of their force has received one dose, while 87% are fully vaccinated.

Senator Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee has threatened to file a bill that would prohibit federal funds from implementing a vaccine mandate.

“Our servicemembers are the bedrock of America,” said Senator Blackburn. “Firing 40,000 Guardsmen for refusing the COVID vaccine would be both a complete disgrace and a threat to our national security. I am honored to stand beside our National Guardsmen and women by introducing this legislation to protect them from President Biden’s forever pandemic.”

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