Art program sells first piece at Howard High

You may have seen the creative work of Howard High School students around town.

That art work is getting noticed.

In fact, one piece of art work is now getting sold.

Those kids have now realized they could make a living doing this.

News 12’s David Moore has another example of What’s Right With Our Schools.

so Ms. Heinz I would like to present this gift card to you and the art department at Howard school, for the great work that you’re doing to art here. Wonderful thank you very much.

Sherry: This was a really awesome opportunity that my students got to sell an art piece that hey did they did for the arts box project. We designed a utility box. The theme was the beauty of electricity. Two and the students had to take that claim and do with it what they felt the beauty of electricity walls.

Jazmyne: I wasn’t really sure how to do it. Everyone else was painting and using acrylic and stuff and that’s not really what I usually use. It was actually it was really fun I’m glad and I’m glad we got to do it. Because there is a whole nother side of me personally that came out. When I did my piece and other people as well, because there’s a lot of kids here that say they cannot draw play and do this but every class 31 in the class did a really good job.

Natural Sound: The first ones that we did was I believe this one down here. Yeah that is a nice one too.

Cary: I just connected connected with it. And then I wanted to purchase it.

“Alejandro. Thank you. Rosanna great work guys. Thank you.”

Cary: It was just like any art. I think when you have a connection with it it speaks to you. And and this piece spoke to me and I thought this is really nice. I like what I, it’s an abstract. But it it… I like the colors. I like the colors, the intensity, the movement, and and it just spoke to me.

Jazmyne: I think it showed showed people in the class that even if you think you can’t do something you can because everyone did it. And they all turned out nice.

Sherry: I want them I want them to take away a sense of it doesn’t matter where I’m from I can do artwork. And I can actually and I can actually achieve something with my artwork. My artwork meaning has meaning. And my artwork in my artwork can be on that level be on a level but it can be sold. It doesn’t matter where it doesn’t matter where they’re from they are from they can do it.

“See you guys. Bye!”

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