Atlanta Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan Loses Falcons Game Plan at Super Bowl Media Day

Super Bowl Media day had Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan sweating bullets on Monday night, but it wasn’t the questions that had Shanahan squirming.
He took a back-pack to the media session, which had the Falcons game plan in it.
And then Shanahan lost the back-pack.
Turns out, a reporter mistakenly picked it up instead of his own.
Shanahan had his back-pack returned, although he’ll likely catch grief for it.
Reporter:”At what point were you looped in to the caper of the missing Kyle Shanahan game plan. And had there been any policy you have enacted as a result of that.”
Said Falcons head coach Dan Quinn:”Well, it would appear that is one of the oldest tricks in the book to leave a fake game plan behind, so I’m glad you guys picked up on that. But honestly, everything was fine.”
Added quarterback Matt Ryan:”I heard about it. I didn’t hear about it last night. I heard about it this morning. It just happens sometimes. You know I think everything ended okay, so it’s no big deal.”

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