Attorney for Bobby Stone responds to Mayor Berke’s denial

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Bobby Stone has been charged with domestic abuse of his wife, Lacie Stone, who is a close adviser to Mayor Andy Berke.

A report in sites sources who claim that he confronted the mayor and his wife in a car parked behind a restaurant.

And he accused Mayor Berke of an inappropriate relationship with his wife.

Mayor Berke issued a statement saying Stone’s accusations are false.

This is a response from Bobby Stone’s attorney on Wednesday.

Davis & Hoss
May 25, 2016
Re: Bobby Stone

Our intent was never to discuss private matters between Bobby and Lacie Stone in the media. The
underlying facts concerning the arrest of my client Bobby Stone on Saturday, May 21, 2016, are largely
private and should remain between Mr. Stone and his wife until they are presented in court. However, the
Mayor and Chief of Police have chosen to release information now to the media. Each person has his own
motives for why they choose to release information now concerning a pending case, and the public can
look at the relationships involved and decide for themselves why.

I suspect the source for the release of this information initially came from within the Chattanooga Police
Department, but I cannot say for sure that it did. I do know that it did not come from Mr. Stone or anyone
representing his interests. I also know that it is highly unusual for Chief Fletcher or Mayor Berke to
comment on a pending case in Hamilton County General Sessions Court before the case has been to court.

I am highly concerned by these officials’ actions and their voluntary choice to publicly offer opinions about
a pending court case when each of them has a personal and professional interest involved. It is not fair to
Mr. Stone and it is a disservice to the court.

What I can say on behalf of Mr. Stone to these media releases is the following. Mr. Stone was asked to
leave his home early Saturday morning by Chattanooga Police and he spent the next several hours in their
custody being questioned by the police about the circumstances concerning an argument that he had with
his wife. Mr. Stone answered the police questions truthfully and cooperated fully. He was charged and is
scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, May 31. Mr. Stone is not guilty of any criminal charge, but he
fully acknowledges that he and his wife argued over private issues concerning their marriage. After the
argument, his wife went to the home of Chattanooga Police Chief Fletcher. From there, the course of
events was dictated by the police and perhaps later the mayor’s office. Mr. Stone has made no public
statements concerning the specific facts of the case and will not. I ask that Chief Fletcher and Mayor Berke
refrain from making further self-serving statements and allow the parties the privacy they are deserve until
this matter can be fairly decided by an impartial judge. These publicly released comments that officials
choose to make are clearly intended to influence the public and possibly the court. That is fundamentally

Lee Davis

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