Avoiding Holiday Scamming

Scams are in full force now that the holiday season is upon us and the Better Business Bureau wants people to be aware and cautious of people trying to take advantage of you.
The Better Business Bureau said the holiday season is the prime time for scammers to commit fraud.

“Unfortunately there is always scammers and fraudsters out there wanting to take advantage of the situation”, said President of the Better Business Bureau, Jim Winsett.

Those scammers are also taking advantage of the devastation that has happened across the volunteer state.

“With the Gatlinburg activity, our surrounding storm activity, and certainly the Woodmore School.”

Lakweshia Ewing, spokesperson for the Woodmore fund, said multiple people have set up fake accounts to try and take advantage of the tragedy.

“Soliciting money, not on behalf of the families, taking money that is said to go to the families, but they have no association or affiliation with the family. Several cases where families have seen other people start GoFundMe accounts and other accounts, individuals that they do not know, individuals that have not returned any dollars, or shown any dollars to that immediate family.”

The BBB said there are multiple ways you can ensure your money is going in the right hands.

“As you go to a URL, always make sure that the ‘S’ is on the address which indicates that it a secure website so that information should not be encrypted, or would be encrypted and not stolen from you. Choose a charity that is able to deliver the mission and the message as you donate your hard-earned dollars you want to make sure that those dollars are used as you would like for them to be.”

According to the BBB both Tennessee and Georgia require charities to register with its state government agency before soliciting for charitable gifts.
If they’re not registered, that is a significant warning sign of a scam.

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