Baby reunited with family after vehicle was stolen

CHATTANOOGA, TN- Monday evening just after 6:00 on Lee Highway Chattanooga Police say a car was stolen with a 5-month-old inside. The suspect is in custody.

Mickey Milita, the baby boy’s grandfather, says the baby’s mother “paid her money went in to get her change and just like that *snaps*.”

Milita says he and the baby’s immediate family flew to the scene at a gas station as police continued to search for the stolen vehicle. Chattanooga Police officers were able to pull that suspect over and take them into custody on the 4th avenue off ramp.

Police reunited the baby with his family after EMS checked him out. The crime scene unit arrived to gather evidence before turning over the keys to the family. Milita says this should serve as a reminder to everyone.

“It can happen to anybody, you gotta watch your babies you gotta hold on to em tight… you gotta watch em It’s not like when I grew up,” says Milita.

Police on scene say they worked fast to locate the stolen vehicle. The spokeswoman for the department says it was only a matter of minutes before the car was recovered and everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they found the baby boy still smiling in the back seat.

Milita says, “I’d like to thank Chattanooga police, and Edwin McPherson and his fine team. He got dressed and drove back down here and took good care of us and I really, really appreciate the men in blue… I really do.”

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