Back To School Bash In Brainerd

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – It’s a busy time of the year for parents and their kids, as another school year is cranking up.

That means school supplies for the kids are in heavy demand.

Here in Chattanooga, one local organization continues to help families get ready for the new year.

The organization “Reach One, Teach One UCA” held its yearly school supply fundraiser Saturday.

UCA stands for Unity, Community and Academics.

Everybody is getting ready for the new school year. And that’s when “Reach One, Teach One” really steps up to the plate and shines.

It’s a hand UP, with local sponsors front and center.

“It’s very important. Since so many parents are not capable of getting all the supplies they need. Giving the necessary resources is what we aim to do every year.”

And there’s a wide variation of supplies for the Moms, Dads and kids. Goody bags, backpacks, folders, pens, pencils and even food items, such as chips.

Might I add, LOTS of chips.  It’s all dedicated towards growth in the community.

“Reach One, Teach One” was built to help under served kids between the ages of 5 and 14.

The thinking behind this “Reach One, Teach One” fundraiser is if a youngster goes to school with a lack of resources, even close to nothing, how can one expect them to get the same education as those who HAVE the tools?

Organizers say it really comes down to the basics.

“We feel that all kids deserve the same education. That’s why we made unity, community and academics. In that order. Because if we have unity, we can change the academics. And we can narrow the gap we have between areas.”

Organizers say the school supply fundraiser was even more important this year, because a good number of kids are at risk of falling behind academically because of the pandemic.

This “Back To School Bash” is only a small part of what “Reach One, Teach One” does.

Its work spans from career exploration to organized sports.

All for the sake of the kids.

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