Back to School Masks

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- Should there be a preference on what kind of face covering your child uses?

More school districts are opening this week and masks are a new addition to the dress code.

So should parents put extra attention into what kind of masks they send their kids to school with?

“The biggest challenge right now with masks, is that everybody thinks that if you put a cloth covering on, it’s good to go” said CEO and founder of I-Promo Leo Friedman.

Friedman says a common mistake people make is purchasing mask made out of poor material.

“A lot of these mask are placebo effects. they’re not really good mask.”

In an interview with News 12 Friedman performed two test to determine if a a mask is of good quality.

He attempted to blow the flame out of a lighter followed by pouring water into his K-N 95.

Finding the right mask is one challenge but Kimberly Blake has two boys in school and she says convincing her kids to even wear the mask can be difficult, “The difficulty really comes with encouraging them to wear it and the importance of their safety when they wear it. It’s not the most comfortable thing to do.”

Friedman suggests personalizing a student’s mask with a special design so they’re more motivated to wear it.

“Reusable masks are more personable. So giving kids choices makes them feel like they’re in control and it allows them to want to wear their mask.”

Although Friedman recommends disposable masks, Blake says it’s an inconvenience.

“I would prefer to have the cloth cover versus the disposable. One due to expenses. Having the disposable mask you have to purchase them quite often” says Blake.

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