Back To School Haircuts

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) A local businessman threw an event tonight to help needy kids go back to school in style and to stay out of trouble.

Dr. Thomas Rumph invited kids to hear three African American speakers tonight at Orchard Knob Baptist Church.

The speakers talked about how they became successful in business.

Organizers say it’s about helping youth change their vision.

Solomon Williams with Community of One says, "They could be somebody that there’s no limit. There’s no limitation just because of a particular type of environment they grew up in. Or somebody negative may have spoken negative words over them. They’re seeing people that have beat the odds and become successful and not only are they just satisfied with them being successful but they want to see every young person and everybody in the community also know they can be successful as well."

In return for coming, the kids got a certificate to get a free hair cut or style and a meal ticket.

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