Bama and LSU Clash in Another Game of the Century

Seems like it’s always the game of the century when Alabama plays LSU.
2006 was the last time these SEC rivals clashed where both teams weren’t ranked.
Same drill Saturday with LSU ranked number one, and Alabama ranked number two.

Said Bama head coach Nick Saban:”You know you guys always ask me what are you going to do different this week because you are playing the number one team in the country. Well every game that we play is an important game, but if there was a better way to do it, we’d already be doing it.”
Said LSU head coach Ed Orgeron:”They don’t have to play any different this game than they play any other game. They just need to play their best.”
Reporter:”How do you compare the programs? How much ground have you made up?
Said Orgeron:”Well you can tell by the rankings. It looks like we have made up some ground. We still got to beat them.”
Said Saban:”We don’t really talk about rankings. It doesn’t matter where you are ranked. If you don’t have success in what you are doing, you are not going to be ranked there long, so you need to focus on what you need to do to play well in the game.”
Reporter:”Do you expect Tagovialoa to play?”
Said Orgeron:”Sure.”
Reporter:”That answers that question.” (laughter)
Reporter:”With Tua mobility is obviously important for him. Just how has he looked in that regard.”
Said Saban:”Well that’s what I just said. I mean I’m now going to play the guy if he can’t move.”
Reporter:”Have you ever seen this much wide receiver talent on the field in a game like this?”
Chuckles Orgeron:”No. What it goes to show you is the direction of the SEC. The spreads.”
Said Saban:”It’s an indication that when you put these skill players in open positions. How much more difficult it is to defend the space.”
Said Orgeron:”Although there’s great wide receivers. Great quarterbacks. You still have to win the line of scrimmage.”
Said Saban:”If you’re a great competitor, I think you look forward to challenges like this. It will certainly be a great challenge for our team.”

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