Bama Receiver Devonta Smith Not Worried About Accolades or Heisman Hype

Alabama receiver Devonta Smith leads the nation with over 1,300 yards receiving, and then he added to his resume with an 84-yard punt return for a touchdown last Saturday against Arkansas. Smith is now a legitimate Heisman candidate, and a big showing in the SEC Championship game Saturday against Florida might cement the coveted trophy, although Smith is trying to downplay his skills.

Reporter:”This is probably a question that every player hates to get asked. But do you feel like you’re the best receiver. Maybe even the best player in the country?”
Said Smith:”Uh. I just go out and do my job.”
Reporter:”For opposing defensive backs who have to cover Devonta in games. What would be your advice? Prayer? (chuckles) What would be your advice to guys who have that responsibility?
Said Bama defensive back Patrick Surtain:”My advice would be. Be locked in. Stay focused.”
Reporter:”Do you think he’s the best receiver in the country?”
Said Surtain:”Oh yeah. Most definitely. I mean there’s no lies in that.”

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